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Kenji Kubo of the Quantum Team wins Student Encouragement Award at 1st IPSJ Quantum Software Research Conference

April 02, 2021

Winner of Student Encouragement Award at the Quantum Software Research Conference

Kenji Kubo, a member of the Quantum Team, received the Student Encouragement Award for his presentation on “Simulation of Stochastic Differential Equations by Variational Quantum Computation” at the 1st IPSJ Quantum Software Research Conference. This paper was co-authored by Yuya Nakagawa, Lead Researcher at QunaSys Corporation, Suguru Endo at NTT Secure Platform Laboratories, and Shota Nagayama, Senior Researcher at mercari R4D. Please refer to this article for more details.

The Quantum Software Research Group was established to encourage researchers and practitioners in the field of information processing to participate in the quantum software field and to promote research and development. Researchers from a wide range of fields, including physics, information, and mathematics, have presented their research results at the conferences, accompanied by robust discussions across fields. This presentation also focused on the active use of quantum information in practical information processing.


“I am extremely honored to receive such an award. I would like to thank Mr. Nakagawa, Mr. Endo and Mr. Nagayama for their cooperation from the initial stage of the research to the publication of the paper. I would also like to thank the R4D R&D Advisory Board[^1] for their helpful feedback. Thank you all very much. I will continue to strive to consistently produce results.”

[^1] An organization that aims to strengthen the advisory and decision-making process for R&D from a third-party perspective by external experts https://r4d.mercari.com/news/r4d-advisory-board/

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