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[Hiring] Now Recruiting XR Engineers - Interview in a Virtual Space!

May 17, 2018

Mercari’s research and development team, R4D, is now recruiting XR engineers to research and develop VR (virtual reality) technology.

Below are a few examples of the concrete responsibilities this position entails: ・Testing and prototyping of the technology behind XR (VR/AR/MR), mainly using Unity ・Research and development regarding the scope of R4D research (discovering/proposing research tasks, determining budget plans, carrying out cooperative research, adapting research for business applications, presenting results at conferences, etc.)

As a new initiative, applicants who pass the resume screening will have their first interview in a VR space (a private room or cluster in VRChat).

We’re excited to hear from people who want to make their XR dreams a reality!


▼ Requirements ・Experience developing using game engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine

▼ Additional qualifications ・Experience developing apps for any console or smartphone ・Experience actively participating in relevant communities

▼ Ideal candidate ・Capable of overcoming challenges and learning from mistakes ・Proactive and capable of thinking independently for the benefit of the team ・Capable of “going bold” and possessing a strong sense of responsibility in regards to their work ・Possessing strong expertise in a certain field

Apply now through our application form herehere!

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