Starting to Provide Listing Data From the Mercari Marketplace App for Free to Universities and Other Organizations ~Aiming to Contribute to Creation of a Circular Economy Through Analysis of Consumer Behavior and Psychology and Other Research in the Secondary C2C Distribution Market~

Research & projects

Value Exchange Engineering

We established the “Value Exchange Engineering” initiative in collaboration with Tokyo University’s Corporate Sponsored Research Programs with the aim of researching a wide range of technology in order to create a society where people around the world can fairly & safely create and exchange.

Quantum Information Technology

Mercari is researching quantum information technologies that will greatly contribute to society and science as we envision the “quantum-based era,” a future where quantum information reshapes societies, industries, and businesses.


In order to seamlessly and practically deploy new science and technology as part of the world at large, we work to enhance our R&D ethics reviews, evaluate the social impact of the technologies involved in our R&D topics, and conduct ELSI research for the entire Mercari Group.

Inclusive Design & Accessibility

We focus on issues like accessibility and universal design in researching meaningful and exciting systems that people of any capability can use, in order to raise, stimulate, and create new value for our digital projects.
inclusive design and accessibility

We are working on
other research projects as well.

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