Pioneering the path toward undiscovered value

Mercari Group strives to circulate our limited resources to build a future where anyone can unleash their potential.However, it is likely that there is still undiscovered value to be found outside of C2C marketplaces and other such existing value exchange systems.

Mercari R4D aims to leverage the power of science and technology to pursue this goal by updating those value exchange systems, as well as current social values.We believe that, in order to achieve this, it will be essential to make connections between communities that transcend the boundaries of industry, academia, and country. It will also be vital to cultivate new inspiration born from those connections.

As we pioneer the path toward undiscovered value, Mercari R4D will become a hub that connects all communities around the world, while also seeking to give back to society by sharing the fruits of our hard work.

Who we are

Mercari R4D is a research organization that focuses on the marketplace of the future in order to implement our findings practically and provide new value to the world.

R4D stands for Research and 4 D’s: Development, Design, Deployment, and Disruption. Our goal is to create new value through research and development designed to be deployed in our future society while introducing disruptive ideas and technologies.


Research & Projects

mercari R4D conducts research on a wide range of topics.

research and projects

Our assets

Organizational structure

In order to provide an environment where researchers can focus on R&D, we have created two separate sections: the R&D and the Head Quarter. The R&D conducts research and development and works on implementing its findings practically, as part of the world at large. The Head Quarter works on creating the foundation needed for Mercari's technological innovations to gain trust from society.

organizational structure

Head of Research

In April 2022, Mercari established the post of Head of Research. This supervisory role is tasked with leading the planning and promotion of R&D strategies related to Mercari R4D and the development of new collaborators. We will strengthen our R&D promotion system to further accelerate deployment.

R&D Ethics Review Committee

At Mercari R4D, we believe it is essential to take a mid- to long-term approach to R&D and to consider the ethical and social implications of taking our findings out into the world. We have created the R&D Ethics Review Committee to ensure that the necessary discussions based on our Ethical Principles for Research Activities take place before research begins.

Advisory Board for Research and Development

The R4D Advisory Board is an organization established in September 2019 in which external experts provide advice and recommendations in order to strengthen our decision-making process. The Board provides an impartial third-party perspective on research topics conducted within R4D and discusses issues such as R4D’s future structure.

Our history

Mercari R4D recognized as a research institute by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
New research project on identity management launched
New research project on ELSI launched
Review Committee for Research Ethics established
Advisory Board of Research and Development established
Mercari R4D founded