Mercari is researching fundamental quantum information technologies that will greatly contribute to humanity, society, and science as we envision the “quantum-based era”, a future where quantum information reshapes our societies, industries, and businesses. Quantum information technology utilizes the physical phenomena of quantum mechanics. It is being extensively researched all around the world since it is known to differ from the way that conventional computers and the internet we know today process information, which is based on electrical or optical phenomena. While current quantum computers are limited to computational tasks using only a small amount of data and are vulnerable to errors, they have demonstrated to be more powerful than conventional computers. Even though they are not ready for practical computations yet, it is predicted that quantum computers will be able to process bigger tasks and larger amounts of data as research in both the hardware and the software fields develops. The importance of the quantum internet will rapidly grow as these developments take place. It will offer new standards for communications, such as connecting quantum devices, or security against new kinds of threats that could arise due to cryptanalysis performed by quantum computers. Focusing on computation and communication, the two pillars of the information revolution, and their fusion, Mercari will continue to research quantum information technology in order to contribute to the prosperity of all humankind.



Research and development to contribute to humanity, society, and science in the quantum-based era.

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Quantum internet

We are working on research and development of a “quantum TCP/IP” to create a quantum internet for all humankind that will trigger the quantum information revolution.

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Quantum computer

In order to utilize (and actually implement in our society) quantum computers more broadly, we are researching fundamental quantum algorithms that can specifically be applied to a wide variety of real-world scenarios.

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Quantum annealing

We are researching fast algorithms that take advantage of the physical characteristics of quantum annealing machines.