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Mercari R4D HCI at JavaScriptum 7.0 & Kyrgyzstan BA Community Event

Top>Mercari R4D HCI at JavaScriptum 7.0 & Kyrgyzstan BA Community Event

Mercari R4D HCI team will participate in JavaScriptum 7.0 & Kyrgyzstan BA Community event which is held virtually on October 17th. Our senior researcher Bektur Ryskeldiev will present the following talk (in Russian):

From Kyrgyzstan to Tokyo: A Creative Technologist’s Journey to the Land of Innovation


Bektur Ryskeldiev (Mercari R4D)

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Join us for a discussion about the near future of interactive and accessible technologies, as well as career opportunities in Japan and abroad. This event will cover the topics of interaction design, accessibility, augmented/virtual reality and the metaverse, and how the latest developments in artificial intelligence are rapidly changing the technology landscape.

The talk will be presented at a the first session of the event on October 17th 2023, 21:00 JST.

View the presentations slides here (in Russian)

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