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Mercari R4D Sponsors Anonymous Research Poster Exhibition “National Caravan 3 Questions”

Top>Mercari R4D Sponsors Anonymous Research Poster Exhibition “National Caravan 3 Questions”

Mercari R4D announced today that it will join the “National Caravan 3 Questions” exhibition as a sponsor and partner in providing exhibit topics for this anonymous research poster presentation event. The exhibition, which kicks off in the Chugoku Region on Sunday, March 3, will make its way across the nine regions of Japan from March 2024, to January 2026.

Summary of the Chugoku Region National Caravan 3 Questions

  • Organizer: International Institute for Advanced Studies
  • Dates: Sunday, March 3, to Wednesday, March 6, 2024
  • SENDA LABVenue: Community Collaboration Floor Senda Lab, School Building L, Higashi Senda Campus, Hiroshima University
  • Event website: https://www.iias-3questions.info/tyugoku (available only in Japanese)
  • How to join the event: Refer to the above website.

What is National Caravan 3 Questions?

This anonymous research poster exhibition event features query posters carrying the answers to three questions posed to 100 researchers and research organizations. The questions include, “What mystery are you pursuing?” “What have you done so far and what are you working toward?” and finally, “Please ask the viewing public a question or two!” The research topics are not confined to any particular field of research. The idea of making the researchers behind each poster anonymous is to allow the exhibits to skirt the tendency of people to judge research content based solely on the name of the research’s expertise and the organization with which they are affiliated. The aim of the event is to generate fundamental academic conversations that focus entirely on the questions that each research topic is pursuing.

Press release (available only in Japanese): https://app.box.com/s/vx0ydhyy4gp4o6tluihoxz1nng1s66kp

Crowdfunding site: https://academist-cf.com/fanclubs/336