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Bektur Ryskeldiev and Mariko Kobayashi Quoted in Feature Article on Accessibility Published in Nikkei MJ

July 15, 2021

On July 14, 2021, in Nikkei MJ’s accessibility featured article, Mercari R4D senior researcher Bektur RYSKELDIEV and researcher Mariko KOBAYASHI gave explanatory comments on the necessity of accessibility and future plans for inclusive design research.

サイトやアプリ 誰にも優しく
メルカリ、大学などと連携 文字大きく背景はっきり
(This article is provided in Japanese)

For more information on Mercari R4D’s inclusive design research, please check here. R4D will continue its research and development efforts to realize an inclusive C2C marketplace.

About Mercari R4D

We are working together with our partners on research and development of inclusive design and accessibility technologies. Mercari’s proprietary C2C marketplace app boasts a wide variety of users who have signed up for the service. In recent years, the number of Mercari users in their 60s or older has been increasing and visually-impaired people have motivation to buy and sell. This project aims to define and test the challenges faced by users, including how the elderly users and users with visual impairment face in their interaction with the C2C marketplace (that is, the interplay between these users and the system). To realize more accessible and inclusive e-commerce products through technology, we are researching the potential of multimodal interfaces in e-commerce, which replace conventional visual operations with audio, haptics, and gestural operations.


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