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Shota Nagayama Quoted in Feature Article on Quantum Networks Published in Nikkei xTECH’s Nikkei Electronics Magazine

May 27, 2021

Mercari R4D Senior Researcher and Quantum Internet Task Force (QITF) representative Shota Nagayama was quoted in a feature article on quantum networks published in Nikkei xTECH’s Nikkei Electronics Magazine on May 19, 2021. In the article, Nagayama broke down the expectations of and the need for research and development on quantum networks.

Feature article

The Outburst of a Quantum Networks Race:
Examining the “Sputnik Effect” Trigger of the Quantum Age (available only in Japanese)

For details on Mercari R4D’s research into quantum technology, click here. For information on the work QITF does, click here. R4D continues to work on research and development toward the realization of a quantum-based society.

About Mercari R4D

Since it was established, Mercari R4D has worked on research and development into quantum information technology. In an approaching quantum-based future where quantum technology is ubiquitous in society, we believe that for Mercari to develop into a safe and secure global marketplace, we need to work on data processing and security that will support quantum information technology. Furthermore, aiming to provide a service that is convenient for our users, R4D is engaged in R&D in anticipation of the general usage of quantum information technology such as machine learning applications and shipping optimization.

Website: https://r4d.mercari.com/en/
For any inquiries regarding this research, please use the contact form on R4D’s website.

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