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Service Design for a Circular Economy


R4D is conducting research into how service design can contribute to Mercari’s business. This is in pursuit of Mercari’s goal: the creation of a circular economy embodied by both (1) diverse relationships between the circular economy and players within that economy and (2) diverse locations where services are provided.


Designing services becomes more complex by the day, and businesses seek ways to support the creation of more effective design. This is influenced by social trends. We see greater demand for service design matched to the needs of the circular economy, as well as increasingly diverse locations in which such services are provided and increasingly diverse relationships between circular economy players.

Meanwhile, research continues as to how to support service design in a way that takes these trends into account—there are few examples of how to apply these methods to marketplace services, in particular. This is why we believe that there is value in understanding current research into this issue, as well as value in efforts to research new service design methods. By sharing that knowledge throughout Mercari Group, we will help develop the Group’s services to achieve a circular economy and create a more fulfilling user experience.