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Value Exchange Engineering


For as long as humans have existed, we have exchanged value with one another—this began in the form of bartering and continues today in many forms. Especially in recent years, new forms of value exchange and credit have emerged with the rapid development of technologies such as AI and blockchain. In this project, Mercari R4D and the University of Tokyo Research Institute for Inclusive Society through Engineering(RIISE) are joining forces to collaborate on research and development in the field of value exchange engineering. By conducting research on a wide range of technologies related to this field—unconstrained by conventional academic frameworks—we aim to create a society in which people all around the world can smoothly and fairly exchange value.

Source:The University of Tokyo and Mercari R4D Establish “Value Exchange Engineering” Division within RIISE to Research Link between Value Exchange and Society (only available in Japanese)


We are working on research initiatives based on the following three visions.


  • Value analysis: Using technology to quantify the value of goods and services based on scarcity and context
  • Creation of value: Researching technologies that create and enhance the value of goods and services that are created by people
  • Value exchange: Researching platform technology to support value exchange

Through social collaboration with RIISE, we aim to contribute to the promotion of academics and the development of society by conducting academic research on “value exchange”, establishing foundational technologies, and further stimulating the development of the next generation of talent.

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