Toward Blockchain Utilization


This project aims to contribute to the spread of blockchain technology and the sound development of the industry, as well as to Mercari’s business, as we work to help shape domestic and international rules and an environment that will allow blockchain to be used safely and securely. The project is based on the knowledge acquired through the exploration of new research topics, as well as blockchain technology and its application, industry trends, and the study and analysis of incidents.


On April 28, 2021, Mercari Group established Mercoin, Inc. to work on planning and developing services related to cryptoassets and blockchain technologies. New applications for blockchain technology emerge daily and at a rapid pace, and incidents also occur frequently. To provide a safe and secure service that uses blockchain technology to create new value, we will continue to make use of the latest technological developments and industry trends as well as the studies and analysis of incidents that have occurred. It can also be said that the rules regarding the usage of blockchain are still under development. Blockchain business is closely associated with technology, and therefore a technological perspective is indispensable to the shaping of suitable industry rules. Based on our studies and analysis, Mercari will contribute to the creation of an environment that allows users to use blockchain safely and securely, and also contribute to the sound development of the industry. Moreover, we will work to explore such topics as proof of concepts, technical developments, and research while anticipating the launch of new projects in order to utilize blockchain technologies for new value exchange and value creation, aiming to create circular value.

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