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Mercari Roppongi Hills Office to Host UIST 2023 Study Group on Saturday, December 16

Top>Mercari Roppongi Hills Office to Host UIST 2023 Study Group on Saturday, December 16

The Mercari Roppongi Hills Office will open its doors on Saturday, December 16, to the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST) Study Group. The study group, for which Mercari R4D Researcher Ryosuke Yamamura is one of the organizers, was also hosted by Mercari in 2022.

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The study group is free and open for anyone to attend. We look forward to receiving your applications to take part as either a presenter or an audience member.

What is the UIST Study Group?

The UIST Study Group is a session focused on the academic papers presented at UIST (ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology), where attendees have the opportunity to grasp research discoveries and the latest trends in technology-related topics that pique their interest.

The concept of the UIST Study Group is to read as many papers presented at UIST 2023 as possible. Presenters must condense the content to a maximum of two presentation slides per paper and present the information to the audience in two minutes.

The audience is then invited to take part in a Q&A session and discussion based on the content of the presentations in order to deepen their understanding of the content.

We’re Also Looking for Presenters!

Anyone can present at the UIST 2023 Study Group! The only stipulation is that each paper must fit on two presentation slides and must be delivered in two minutes or less. Join us! We of course also welcome anyone who simply wants to sit in the audience and listen.

YouTube Live

The study group will also be broadcast on YouTube Live! If you cannot make it to Roppongi, be sure to watch live online.

Last Year’s Study Group

Videos of the UIST 2022 Study Group are available to watch on YouTube.

Comment from Study Group Organizer and Mercari R4D Researcher Ryosuke Yamamura

We’ve organized this study group in order to promote the understanding of the content of UIST, an important international symposium on user interfaces. By having participants present the papers to each other, it gives all who attend a chance to not just gain an overall understanding of the conference, but also learn more about the papers that interest them. We hope to see you there. Who knows, maybe with the knowledge you gain at this study group, you’ll post your own paper for next year’s UIST!