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Mercari R4D is looking for a Research Administrator

April 20, 2021

mercari R4D, the research and development arm of Mercari, is accepting applications for the position of Research Administrator.
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It’s all about accomplishing the mission

Mercari is a Japanese company that was born with the mission to “create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell”. Since our founding in 2013, we’ve taken on the challenge of achieving this mission and are now in the midst of transforming from a startup into a world-class company. We believe there are valuable challenges that can be addressed only during this transformation, and aim to overcome them one by one in order to achieve our mission. Join us in our challenge.

Our culture

Mercari’s culture has been central to the company since our founding, with the three core values of Go Bold, All for One, and Be a Pro. In addition, the “Trust & Openness” value was introduced to embody our culture of mutual trust, where information remains transparent and rules are kept to a minimum. Regardless of how big Mercari gets, our culture is essential to achieving our mission and will be promoted throughout our organization.

Business Description

R4D Research Administrator

  • mercari R4D is a research and development organization established to create future innovations for Mercari. R4D stands for Research and the four D’s: Design, Development, Deployment, and Disruption, and has the aim of prompt R&D and social implementation of our technologies.

  • We are looking for a dedicated, enthusiastic and motivated individual to work in R4D operations, where the mission is to revitalize R4D’s research activities and create a foundation for Mercari’s technological innovations to gain the trust of society. We have a flexible workplace where employees can propose and implement measures to directly improve and enhance any inefficiencies they may discover. If you are interested in building up your own organization and expanding your network among peers and relevant organizations, and are motivated by working through communicating with people from a variety of backgrounds, we’d like to hear from you. As a research administrator, we expect you to engage in several of the following tasks.

    (1) Research coordination

    • Negotiate and coordinate with internal and external parties for the promotion and implementation of research projects
    • Progress management of research projects
    • Plan new research projects
    • Support social implementation of research results

    (2) Strengthening the organizational structure of R4D

    • Plan systems to make research activities more active
    • Run R&D ethics review
    • Run R4D Advisory Board

    (3) Outreach activities

    • Disseminate information online, create releases, etc.
    • Organize events

Daring challenges

  • Contributing to the mission of Mercari, “create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell”, while being involved in cutting-edge research and development.
  • Gaining valuable experience through a challenging position where you can implement the results of your research into society.
  • Although we are a private corporation, we are able to collaborate with researchers at the forefront of research such as the University of Tokyo, enabling long-term research projects to be conducted across fields.
  • Although being an independent research organization within the company, technical input can be obtained from products used by many customers, such as the Mercari marketplace app and the Merpay payment service.


  • Experience in research and development or related support activities at a university, corporation, public institution, etc.
  • Ability to consult, communicate and coordinate smoothly with researchers and other internal and external parties.
  • Ability to write documents, negotiate and make presentations relevant to your duties.

Welcome attributes

  • Experience in supporting the acquisition of competitive funds at an institution such as a university, or experience in the adoption and promotion of projects funded by competitive public funds at a corporation.
  • Master’s degree or PhD

Points of consideration

  • Has ambition and good communication skills
  • Willing to boldly take on challenges and learn from mistakes, even without prior experience in the fieldCan think and work independently, and take the initiative for the team to succeed
  • Can think and work independently, and take the initiative for the team to succeed
  • Works with a sense of ownership/professionalism and is willing to put in the utmost effort

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Language ability

  • Native level Japanese
  • Business level English (Not required but preferred)
    • Even if your current proficiency is only conversational, we welcome those who are motivated to communicate in English.

If you are a great match for this position, apply here.

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