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Project Summary
 Quantum annealing is an optimization algorithm that uses quantum mechanics. However, it has not been proven to be faster than current computers, even in theory. In this project, we are working on quantum annealing, from fundamental physics theory to computation theory, with the goal of computations that are faster than a current computer in practice. We are also conducting related research into what is known as the classical Ising model.

About Quantum Annealing

 Quantum annealing is an algorithm to solve combinatorial optimization problems, and is expected to solve large-scale problems that are unsolvable with traditional algorithms. Since it specializes in combinatorial optimization problems, the hurdles to implementing the hardware are lower than those of quantum computers, and it is closer to implementation within society. Mercari’s quantum annealing project aims to build more efficient algorithms by smartly utilizing the unique physical characteristics of quantum annealing machines. We will also use classical annealing machines, inspired by quantum annealing, and solve issues that exist in the real world.