At R4D, we are working together with our partners to research and develop Poimo (short for Portable and Inflatable Mobility). Poimo is a new type of electric mobility vehicle that combines soft robotics, HCI (human-computer interaction), wireless charging, and digital fabrication. It is light enough to carry, safe and easy to use anywhere due to its soft inflatable body, and can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes at a low cost. Our research focuses on providing customizable and inclusive mobility for everyday life that people can use not only as a means of transportation when they leave their houses, but also when they get off the train or bus, travel, go camping, need a light-weight wheelchair, or need to carry their luggage.

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Portable and Inflatable Mobility Devices Customizable for Personal Physical Characteristics.

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Publication year: 2020

Soft yet Strong Inflatable Structures for a Foldable and Portable Mobility.

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Publication year: 2020


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Publication year: 2020

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